When an accident happens, most people would say that one of the drivers was responsible. The responsible party is likely to pay compensation, but they may not have to be the one to pay. If a defective product manufacturer created a car part that led to the accident, do they have to pay for the costs?

There are many ways in which product failures can lead to a car accident. If a product failure causes you to suffer an accident, what can you do to recover?

Determining liability

The nature of the accident and injuries is all attributed to who a court may deem liable for the damages. For example, a car accident may not have been a serious incident, but the defective seatbelt caused severe injuries. The other driver may be liable for the accident, but the manufacturer may be responsible for the damages related to the seatbelt’s failure.  

As the victim of the accident, it is unlikely that you know how to determine liability on your own. If you are not sure about the origin of your injuries, contact an attorney. Personal injury lawyers often have a long list of various experts in related fields to help review the situation. Their findings can help establish a claim against manufacturers that are partially or totally liable for the accident and damages.

Do not be afraid to do some digging

After an injury, victims often want to collect payment and focus on recovering. Taking the money upfront means you may not receive the compensation you deserve. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you protect your best interests.