You likely carry auto insurance according to Florida statutes and hope that you will never actually file a claim.

Yet, obtaining personal injury protection insurance might do more for you than simply complying with state insurance laws. We are passionate about helping you understand how to protect yourself before you find yourself in an auto accident.

PIP basics

According to the Florida Bar, you must acquire auto insurance that includes personal injury protection coverage if you own a vehicle with more than three wheels. As long as your crash took place in Florida, PIP will pay for injuries sustained by the following individuals:

  • You
  • Authorized drivers
  • Dependent passengers
  • Household relatives
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists

If you are a Florida resident, but your accident occurred out-of-state, the coverage extends to you and the family in your home as long as you were driving at the time.

The minimum coverage amount is $10,000, and your deductible can be as high as $1,000. PIP insurance will pay $5,000 for fatalities, 80% of “reasonable medical expenses” and 60% of lost pay if the injuries prevent performing job duties.

PIP applications

Twelve states, including Florida, have enacted no-fault insurance laws. This essentially means that regardless of who caused the auto accident, your own policy will cover your injuries.

While it may not seem fair to risk a spike in premiums after filing a claim, especially if someone else was at fault, consider a scenario where the other driver does not have insurance at all. While you may have other recourse options, PIP coverage might help with the initial costs after an accident.

It is important to note that if you or other covered parties do not seek medical attention within 14 days of the accident, you become ineligible for PIP benefits. For more information on Florida’s insurance laws, please visit our webpage.