Pedestrians face a lot of risks whenever they are near traffic, but certain parts of the road are particularly dangerous, such as busy intersections. Many pedestrian lives are claimed in accidents that occur at intersections and these accidents also leave many victims with devastating injuries. 

If you regularly cross the road at a busy intersection, it is imperative to look out for yourself. If you were injured in such an accident, immediately explore your legal options. 

Running red lights 

Intersections are especially dangerous because vehicles are heading in different directions and drivers do not always come to a stop when required to do so. When a driver runs a red light, they are especially likely to collide with another vehicle. Moreover, this behavior often causes other drivers to swerve or behave erratically in order to avoid a crash. Sadly, this causes them to collide with a pedestrian in some instances. 

Recovering from an accident 

When a pedestrian is injured in an accident that occurs in an intersection or any other area, it is critical for them to focus on recovering. Not only should you consider your physical and mental well-being in the wake of such an accident, but you need to protect your finances and stand up for your legal rights also. If a careless driver caused you to sustain an injury, you need to hold them responsible for their actions. 

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