You may consider yourself to be one of the safest drivers in Florida, but that does not mean that you will never find yourself involved in an auto accident. Part of being a good driver is driving for other people, which is essentially defensive driving. 

If you are not familiar with the concept of defensive driving, Business Insider has you covered. Learn how much more you can do to avoid unfortunate driving mishaps. 

Do not over-rely on new safety technology  

Modern cars come with plenty of safety technology and features, such as lane-keep assist and blind-spot warnings. That said, you should not become too reliant on them to keep you safe. Remain fully alert while behind the wheel, making good use of your mirrors and looking over your shoulder to check blind spots. 

Stash the phone  

You cannot be a defensive driver and a distracted driver at the same time. Be honest with yourself about how much you use or look at your phone while behind the wheel. Choose your music and set your GPS destination before leaving the house. Consider setting your phone to silent so you are not tempted to check a text message or notification that pops up during your drive. 

Stick to the speed limit  

When you pass a speed limit sign, get into the habit of checking it with the readout on your speedometer. Also, recognize that driving too slowly is just as dangerous as driving too fast. 

Refrain from tailgating 

Focus on maintaining a proper following distance between you and other cars. Following distance on the highway is greater than your following distance in the city, so you have ample room to (hopefully) come to a complete stop without hitting the vehicle in front of you. 

You may find yourself involved in a car accident, even after taking every precaution. Should that ever happen, consider speaking with a legal professional to protect your rights.