Truckers spend most of their days traversing the roadways throughout the country, hauling goods at all hours of the day and night. Decades ago, the government’s implementation of rules to regulate how truckers operate caused some drivers to complain and deem the restrictions unfair. 

Some drivers found ways to circumvent time of service requirements in the past, like forging logs. Technology in trucks eliminates this workaround, forcing drivers to adhere to stop driving even when they desire to press forward. The professionals here continue to monitor the government’s decision to relax some components of these regulations. Explore basic information about how the changes may change how drivers operate semis and what they should practice to stay safe. 

Hours of service 

The restriction causing most of the truckers’ discontent deals with the number of hours they may drive before stopping. Truckers claim that the regulation restricts them and the reform warranted. Opponents of the government’s decision continue to insist that allowing truckers more freedom to drive with fewer breaks may result in an uptick in crashes. Tractor-trailer collisions often cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Those who oppose the change believe incidents between trucks and cars will increase as truckers push limits to make more money. 

Truck driver safety 

Truck drivers understand that the regulations intend to keep all roadway occupants safe, not just those in vehicles. Many trucking companies require truckers to adhere to strict safety practices to remain accident-free. Truckers who focus on safety practice things like: 

  • Getting sufficient sleep 
  • Staying away from in-cab distractions 
  • Adhering to the rules of the road 
  • Knowing when weather conditions warrant stopping 

In doing these things, and in following the regulations about hours of service, responsible truckers aim to keep roadways safe. 

Tractor-trailer crashes devastate the lives of many. We have more information about these catastrophic crashes on our website.