Riding a motorcycle on the roads of Florida is a glorious experience that brings no end of joy and freedom. That said, you are bound to have a few close calls with cars. You must remain vigilant to keep both your wheels on the pavement and your body on your bike.

Always keep aware of common accident scenarios and ways motorcyclists can stay safe. Never ride without your helmet or these tips at the forefront of your mind.

Drivers changing lanes

Motorists changing lanes are often focused on avoiding cars in front and behind them, not motorcycles zipping past them. As a motorcyclist, you have to avoid riding in a driver’s blind spot, especially when a signal indicates a lane change. If you can see the driver in the side mirror, she or he is more likely to be able to see you.

Drivers making left turns

Cars turning left present a danger to pedestrians and motorcycle riders alike. Get into the habit of slowing down at intersections to keep from surprising an inattentive driver. Just like any motorist, you do not want to run the risk of changing lanes in the middle of an intersection, as that leaves you open to an accident. When you do roll through an intersection, do so with your hands on the clutch levers and brake, just in case.

Drivers unaware of lane splitters

Another great thing about riding a motorcycle is that you can split lanes. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you always pull this maneuver off unscathed. It is best to only engage in lane splitting when you have no other choice, such as when your bike is in danger of overheating.

You should also never lane split unless all lanes of traffic are flowing at the same speed, as a driver may unexpectedly switch into a faster lane just as you split it. Speaking of the speed of traffic, it is best to complete all lane splitting with a slight burst of speed, so you maneuver through the danger zone as quickly as possible.