When it comes to insurance coverage and employees, things can be a little confusing. As an employer in Florida, you must make sure your vehicles have the proper insurance and that your employees have coverage as well. That part is not that bad to line up. You just need to buy the right policy. However, things get complicated when an accident occurs.

According to ABA Insurance Services, if you allow your employee to drive a company vehicle without properly ensuring that employee is a safe driver and not a risk on the roads, you could face issues with negligent entrustment. This is basically when you allow someone to drive a work vehicle when you know or should have known that person is not a safe driver. Anytime an employee gets behind the wheel of a company vehicle, even if he or she is not driving during work time, you face liability for negligent entrustment.

It is your responsibility to do the proper background checks when you allow employees to drive company vehicles. You should always check driving history, but checking criminal history is also a good idea. Doing these things should allow you to weed out anyone who should not be behind the wheel. However, you need to do regular checks since things could happen after you hire the worker. Make sure you do at least an annual review.

One last note: in some cases, negligent entrustment applies to employees driving their own vehicles when on the clock. So, be vigilant about employees driving during the course of employment, too. This information is for education and is not legal advice.