Road construction in Florida can cause a lot of driving headaches due to delays and congestion. However, construction zones also pose a danger to vehicles on the road, and drivers must know how to navigate safely to reduce the number of accidents and injuries.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, almost 4,500 people died in construction-related accidents, and 200,000 people experienced injuries over the last five years. The most common type of crash is a rear-ending, and fatal accidents typically occur in places where the speed limit exceeds 50 mph.

To reduce the number of crashes, drivers should follow a set of safety tips. These include:

  • Staying alert and minimizing distractions
  • Leaving a safe distance between other vehicles
  • Changing lines only when allowed and using turning signals
  • Merging in advance
  • Being patient

Drivers should also pay close attention to the construction signs before and during the work zones. This can help vehicle operators plan ahead and ensure they stay with the flow of traffic and in the correct lanes.

The Texas Department of Insurance outlines some additional advice to keep both drivers and construction workers safe. Things can change quickly while construction is going on, so drivers should expect the unexpected. By driving the posted speed limits, watching brake lights and obeying construction signs, drivers can make the proper adjustments for construction vehicles entering the lane or sudden stopping.

The pavement in work zones can be uneven, worn away or at different height levels. Drivers should practice extra caution and be aware of bicycles or motorcycles nearby.