Many questions remain following a crash involving at least two vehicles north of Miami International Airport in Florida early Monday afternoon. The crash occurred at the intersection of Northwest 57th Avenue and Northwest 36th Street in the area of Miami Springs and closed the westbound and eastbound lanes for at least 90 minutes thereafter.

Surveillance video of the crash shows one vehicle approach the intersection from the westbound lanes at what appears to be a high rate of speed, striking another vehicle attempting to make a left turn from the eastbound lanes. The eastbound vehicle makes at least two full revolutions before coming to a halt. A photograph of the scene shows the front of the vehicle completely smashed.

Following the collision, the westbound car reportedly crashed into a light pole next to a gas station and caught on fire. However, there is no specific report of any harm to gas station customers, employees or structures as a result.

It is not known how many occupants each vehicle contained, but authorities have confirmed that two people died at the scene, while a third required hospitalization for critical injuries. At least one of the fatalities appears to have been an occupant of the eastbound vehicle that attempted to make a left turn, based on a photo of the aftermath that shows a draped body on the ground next to the car.

As yet, there is no indication whether authorities intend to press any charges in relation to the crash. However, those who have sustained injuries in a collision with a driver who was in the wrong may find it helpful to contact an attorney.