A driver was impaired and caused a car accident that killed three and the fourth was critically injured.


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The accident happened early Sunday when a Chrysler Sebring was hit by a GMC pick up truck. According to Polk County Sheriff’s office the driver was impaired. A witness stated that they were stopped at a stop sign and the Sebring was also stopped at another stop sign. The witness started to go through the stop sign and was forced off the road and then the Sebring began to go. The 2006 GMC truck was traveling very fast and slammed into the Sebring causing the crash. The driver, Dorothy Operhall of Mulberry, her front seat passenger, Melina Helbig of Rochester, PA, and Leonard Simmons, of Mulberry, were killed in the accident.

Robert Helbig, of Rochester, PA, who was critically injured, was transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Edward Casey McCoy, 21, of Lakeland was taken to Lakeland Regional with several broken bones. Charges against McCoy are pending a toxicology report and the medical condition of the surviving occupant. The passengers and driver of the Sebring were wearing their seatbelt. McCoy was not wearing his seatbelt.

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A car accident left one man with life threatening injuries in Clearwater

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A 26-year-old man was driving a 2009 Aprilia Scooter when he collided with Tasha Kelly of Clearwater in her 1990 Plymouth. The driver of the scooter was turning

south onto Stevenson Avenue from Sunset Point Road when it struck the Plymouth that was turning on Stevenson Avenue. The driver of the scooter was

transported to Bayfront Medical Center and is in critical condition. Officers say the scooter driver may have been over the legal alcohol limit and have not released

his name. Ms. Kelly and her passenger were not injured.

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